Does Your Cat Hunt?

Good news has emerged via new research from the University of Exeter demonstrating a ‘win-win’ solution to reduce hunting by cats without restricting their behaviour.

What is more, the solution is fun for both cat and owner!

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Top tips to save UK wildlife: 

  1. Play with your cat for 5 to 10 minutes each day

  2. Feed your cats a meat protein-rich diet (vs protein from non-meat sources)

Top Tip to also save UK Birds:

  • Fit your cat with a BirdsBeSafe® collar cover which reduces the number of birds captured by 42%​

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Read the full press release: 


Until now, previous solutions to the hunting of mammals and birds by cats were controversial, with many owners finding the idea of restricting their cat’s freedom unacceptable. However, research funded by independent UK charity, SongBird Survival, is published in the journal, ‘Current Biology’*, which suggests the two simple solutions above. Making these non-disruptive changes can have a substantial impact on cats’ hunting behaviours, and therefore, a significant positive impact on the safety of our wildlife. 


The full paper can be accessed here: 


The publication follows on from our research published in September 2021 which revealed there are 5 ‘types’ of cat owner in terms of their views on hunting behaviours. Click here to read more: 

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