top tips for wildlife gardens

bee on lavenderDiscover our Promises
Discover our Promises

Forget pesticides  keep it natural - Providing lots of flowers and plants for wildlife is great but if you use bug spray you are undoing your hard work. Look for natural remedies instead .  

Create a pond -
if you have the room, creating a pond is great for the invertebrates in your garden. You might even attract some frogs, toads and newts to your new space.   

No garden? No problem!  - No matter how big or small your space is, you can make it wildlife friendly. Put up a nest box outside or grab yourself some potted plants, you'd be surprised what wildlife you can attract. 

Don't rush to cut back  -
Wait until early spring to cut the garden back. Leaving seedheads and grasses over winter provides food and shelter for birds and look great too. 

Make a space for compost -
A compost heap is a great idea for recycling your garden and kitchen waste, and also creates more habitat for insects and more bird food for the songbirds to enjoy! 

Most importantly, enjoy it!  - Take a moment to soak up your hard work and enjoy the nature your garden has to offer. There are great mental health benefits to being outside, so relax, breathe and listen to your dawn chorus.   

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