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5 half-term activities to make your garden a welcome home for birds

May 15, 2023
  • Charity SongBird Survival has five fun and affordable activities for half-term, which is also National Children’s Gardening Week
  • Use SongBird Survival’s free activity packs to inspire young nature lovers and tackle our national bird decline

Searching for fun, cheap kid activities for half term?

Charity SongBird Survival have five ways for your family to create a haven for birds in your garden this half term.

SongBird Survival have five free downloadable activity packs that you can download from their website:

  1. 1. Bird Spot! Find a comfy spot together in the garden or looking out of your window and see what birds you have in your neighbourhood. Tick all the birds you can see or hear in your garden.
  2. 2. Make your own simple recycled bird seed feeder. Get creative and use this guide on how to recycle an empty plastic bottle and some household items to create a feeder for a fraction of the price of shop brought ones.
  3. 3. Sow sunflowers together. May is a great time to sow sunflower seeds and bees and birds love them! Sunflowers are very easy and rewarding for kids to grow and you can track their progress together. You don’t even need a garden as you can plant them in a pot, as long as they get plenty of sunshine. The activity pack also has a colouring sheet and word search for rainy days.
  4. 4. Craft your own bird bath. Make use of old garden pots and saucers to make a place for birds to dip and drink. Then sit back and enjoy watching them splash around in it!
  5. 5. Build your own bee hotel. Be bee friendly and provide a safe and comfy spot for your garden’s hard-working pollinators with this simple design made up of minimal materials.
Not only will they keep your kids entertained and help them learn more about our beautiful native wildlife, but they will also protect the UK’s threatened songbird population too.

With more than half of songbirds threatened or in decline, wildlife-friendly gardening is an important way to help. The charity, who are the only charity dedicated to helping save the UK’s songbirds, want to encourage children to connect with nature in their gardens, parks and other green spaces during National Children’s Gardening Week.

For more ideas of how to get out in the garden more and help wildlife, visit SongBird Survival’s website for lots of tips and advice to improve your garden for birds, no matter its size or location. Visit for more free downloads and free gardening tips each month by email.


SongBird Survival is the only charity in the UK dedicated solely to halting and reversing the alarming population decline of songbirds and other small birds. It does this by supporting research carried out by experts at top universities and conservation organisations in the UK into the cause of the decline and promoting the solutions. More information is available at:   

SongBird Survival is running a campaign to encourage all gardeners to provide a space for wildlife with #GardensforBirds and #thinkbirds at:  




SongBird Survival can provide media outlets with further expert advice on helping birds in gardens and spokespeople are available for interview.  

The charity has worked with gardening expert, Toby Buckland to give 10 tips to create songbird-friendly gardens. 

SongBird Survival provide seasonal advice to help people help birds at home throughout the year. The charity also runs the popular National Robin Day on 21st December, which raises awareness of how to help birds during the Winter.  


For all enquiries, including interview requests and his-res images, please contact: 

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