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We urgently need a better understanding of why UK songbirds are disappearing before it is too late. That’s why SongBird Survival are taking part in the Big Give Green Match Fund! That means that for one week only, you can have your donations DOUBLED* to make an even greater impact with our research programme.

Your match-funded donation can help us deliver vital scientific research that will help give songbirds a thriving future.


    how to donate

    To have your donation match-funded, you must donate online via our Big Give campaign page:

    donate using our big give campaign page

    Once the short donation form is filled out and submitted, that’s it!

    You will also have the option to Gift Aid your donation, for some extra oomph.


    Please be aware that any donations made by cheque, on the SBS website, or directly to our SBS bank account will not be accepted for match funding.

    Only donations made via The Big Give – whether that’s via our online campaign page or using the Big Give bank transfer instructions below – will be match funded.*

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    alternative method:

    If making an online card payment is not your preference, you can also make a donation using a bank transfer or BACS transfer - minimum donation amount £500.

    How BACS/Bank transfer donations work:

    It is important to understand that steps 6-8 are crucial for match-funding to be allocated.

    Just making the BACS transfer to the virtual bank account is not the actual donation to the campaign.

    Please note that this BACS donation facility is only available for UK bank account holders.

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    *Minimum donation £1. Maximum donation £25,000. £10,000 in matched funds available. Donors will have 30 minutes to complete their donation once matching funds are reserved.  

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