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Protect threatened songbirds with Family membership

let your child be wild

Research overwhelmingly confirms what parents know to be true: time in nature is good for children.

Active time spent outdoors contributes to physical health and being in nature encourages healthy emotional development too. Fostering a lifelong appreciation of the natural world, starting in childhood, is key to achieving our mission. Our songbirds need a generation of nature lovers with a deep appreciation of the natural world who will use their talents to protect it.

Wood Warbler
Willow warbler family

a whole year of songbird fun for all the family

Our monthly family challenges will keep you busy all year. They are designed for children aged 5-11 and are a great opportunity to spend time together doing something you'll all enjoy.

Willow warbler family

what you will get

  • You will have fun learning amazing facts about a different songbird every month and how to identify them in the wild.

    You'll also be giving songbirds in your local area a boost through activities like making a feeder or a nesting site.

    We'd love you to share your projects with us and we hope you'll take part in the quizzes and competitions too.
  • Your family membership also includes your Dawn Chorus magazine, sent to you twice a year. It is packed with articles about our fascinating songbirds and updates on how research translates into practical action.
  • Your membership also entitles you to attend our Annual General Meeting. It is a great opportunity to meet like-minded members and to hear from the scientists, funded by membership, who lead our pioneering research

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igniting passion

Our beautiful and lyrical songbirds give us so much pleasure. They have inspired poets, painters and musicians for centuries, yet today many species face an uncertain future.

More than half of our native songbirds are in decline and for some birds, like the greenfinch are critically low.

By joining SongBird Survival with a family membership, you will be helping to protect the birds you love and igniting a lifelong appreciation of the natural world for your children.


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