Alert Status: Red

Identifying Features: The twite is a small, brown finch closely related to the linnet, but with a longer tail and stubbier bill. Its back is tawny, heavily streaked with dark brown and is white below with dark-brown streaks on its flanks.
Average Length: 13-13.5 cm
Average Lifespan: 2 years
Average Wingspan: 21-25 cm


Beak type: Seeds

Natural: Only seeds


Nesting: Treeless moorland is favoured for breeding. It builds its nest in a bush, laying 5–6 light blue eggs.


Where to see: Twite breeds on the moorlands of the Scottish Highlands, northern England and north Wales. In winter some remain in north and west Scotland, near the coast, while others, including continental birds, move to the coast of eastern England where they can be found on saltmarshes and coastal fields.

Twite call by David Darrell-Lambert, Xen
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