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Spread awareness on how to reduce cat hunting this spring

get eduCATed by learning more about our feline friends this springtime and follow our win-win solutions to reduce hunting, with cat welfare in mind.

You can help by following our simple tips on the right food for your cat, play, and on keeping cats in around dusk and dawn-when birds are most active.
With over 11 million cats in the UK, studies have estimated that each year our fluffy felines catch between 100-270 million prey items. All over the world there is turmoil between cat owners, welfare activists, and conservationists. We don’t think there should be, we think the focus needs to be on solutions and making change happen.
Here at SBS, we think you can do both. We want YOU to get eduCATed, and advoCATe for songbirds everywhere by following our scientifically researched solutions.
Join us on our newest campaign get eduCATed and learn about what the professionals have to say. We can all take action to protect and preserve our wildlife, especially in the breeding season when birds are most at risk.

#GetEduCATed | #AdvoCATeForSongbirds | #SaveOurSongBirds

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