They may be irritating to some, but insects are essential for birds and lots of other wildlife. Without them:

Plants would not be pollinated

Baby birds would not eat

The planet would grind to a halt if there were no insects!

Insects are fascinating, diverse and remarkable.  From lovely, fluffy bumble bees to sparkling butterflies; from glistening millipedes to the secretive woodlouse.  Bugs are amazing and we need to do everything we can to help encourage them.

Plant as wide a range of nectar-rich flowers as possible – native species are best for bugs.

Offer them somewhere to live, reproduce, store their food and hide from the elements with bug homes like these – or combine all of these into an amazing Bug Hotel!

Recently felled trees are a perfect resource for making a nice log pile for a more natural looking Bug Boarding House – offering 5 star accommodation for many species!

Why not consider adding a worm composter?  Worms have as much importance as insects in the food chain.

Don’t forget hedgehogs – areas for insects and worms are perfect for hedgehogs and if they are in a quieter, sheltered part of the garden then this could be the perfect place for them to hibernate over winter.  You could offer them a Hogitat, or if you build a bug hotel you could include a hog-home on the ground level.