(Sitta europaea)

Alert Status: Green - 293% increase
Identifying Features: Blue grey neck, crown & back, with black stripe across eye. Climbing up and down tree trunks searching for insects in the bark
Average Length: 15 cm
Average Lifespan: 2 Years
Average Wingspan: 20-25 cm
Beak type: Specialist

Natural: Hazel nuts, acorns & insects
How to feed: Hanging feeders
What to feed: Peanuts, mixed seeds, suet treats, sunflower hearts

Nesting: Usually a hole in a tree, like to use abandoned nests and will make the entrance smaller with mud. Will use a nest box with a 35mm hole
Where to see: Well established woods and parks in southern & central England & Wales

Nuthatch by Tony Whitehead, Xeno-canto.m
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