Sheds, garages and greenhouses

It is amazing how adaptable wildlife can be


They will readily take to using our man-made structures to feed from, shelter in and even nest in


Robins are particularly well known for nesting in strange places, including postboxes and shelves in sheds and garages.

Buildings are rarely wildlife-proof and most will inevitably have some sort of insect, mouse or bird investigating it.  Try to think of this when locking up – check for open windows and gaps under doors. If you think any creatures may have got inside, leave them open and unblocked to allow them to escape again.

Greenhouses can be more of a problem as trapped creatures may not realise the temperatures inside.  Many a gardener has found a nest of cooked eggs.  Keep a sharp eye for wildlife in your greenhouse and shoo them out at every chance. 


The glass can also be a problem as many birds only see reflected sky and may fly into the windows (as in houses).  Consider adding stickers or shades to help birds to see the surfaces.