Spotted Flycatcher 

(Muscicapa striata)

Alert Status: Red - 90% decline

Identifying Features: The Spotted Flycatcher is about the size of a house sparrow. The male and females are alike: slim with grey-brown upperparts, whitish underparts with dark streaks on the crown, breast and throat. The bill and legs are both black.
Average Length: 15 cm
Average Lifespan: 2 years
Average Wingspan: 23-25 cm
Beak type: Flat and wide

Natural: Flying insects, such as moths, butterflies, damselflies, craneflies 
Nesting: Both birds build the nest, which is usually against the tree trunk. The nest is a cup made of grass, thin twigs, lichen, and spiders' webs, and lined with feathers and hair. They also nest in open fronted nest boxes.


Where to see: Churchyards, cemeteries, parks and mature gardens are good places. Spotted flycatchers are often found in woodland with open glades - good for catching insects.

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Spotted Flycatcher call by david m, Xeno
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