Tree Pipit

(Anthus trivialis) 

Tree Pipit.jpg

Alert Status: Red – 88% decline


Identifying Features: Tree pipits have brown streaked upper parts and pale under parts with further streaking on buff tinged chest and flanks. They are very similar to meadow pipits but, on close inspection, may be distinguished by their heavier bill, shorter hind claw and fine streaking on the flank - they also have very different calls. 
Average Length: 15 cm
Average Lifespan: 3 years
Average Wingspan: 25 - 27 cm


Beak type: Insects


Natural: Mainly small invertebrates, some plants especially berries.


Nesting: The nest is built by the female from dry grass and lined with finer grass and hair.

Where to see: Widespread summer visitors to the UK, they occur in particularly high densities in Western uplands especially newly planted conifers or open heath. 

Tree Pipit song by david m, Xeno-canto.m
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