Willow Warbler 

(Phylloscopus trochilus)

Alert Status: Amber - 67% decline

Identifying Features: Willow warblers are small birds with grey-green backs and pale under parts. They have a yellow tinged chest and throat and pale supercillium (the stripe above the eye). Similar features to a chiff chaff but often with paler legs.
Average Length: 10-11.5 cm
Average Lifespan: 2 years
Average Wingspan: 16-22 cm
Beak type: Insects


Natural: Small insects and spiders, fruit and berries in Autumn


Nesting: The domed nest, made from grass, rotten wood, moss and roots, is on the ground among shrubs or grass. The nest has a side entrance and is lined with fine roots and feathers.


Where to see: Willow warblers are widespread and can be seen in suitable habitat across most of the UK.

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Willow Warbler song by Dominic Garcia-Ha
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