How you can help wildlife this winter

Winter has always been tough for our wildlife - especially birds - so it’s important they have a place to eat, drink and rest when it gets cold. When they arrive hungry and thirsty in our gardens they look to humans to provide them with food and water.


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Top tips to attract birds
to your garden


  • natural food sources

  • shelter

  • water

  • high-quality supplementary food

  • nesting sites

  • protection from cats and other predators

  • and practice good hygeine

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You can help no matter how big or small your outside space

Small garden
Tips to attract birds in small spaces

There are many ways you can help wildlife in even the smallest of spaces!

From adding the right plants in pots to growing vertically!

Innovating feeder ideas and how to attract insects

find out more in our full guide:

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EVERYONE can do their bit to help birds and other wildlife through the harsh winter months.

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Winter feeding

What are the best sort of foods to offer birds and wildlife during winter

But especially what to avoid as not all foods are good for birds and wildlife!

Find out the good the bad and the ugly in our full guide.

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Surviving the winter is crucial for birds and all our wildlife

Winter garden
Sheltering birds and wildlife

When planting or making new structures in your outside space think about how you can help birds and wildlife.

There are so many things that can help, no matter how small your outside space


Read our guide for useful tips on how you can help:

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City or country, our birds need our help to get through the cold of winter – we can show you how to help YOUR garden birds!

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Tips for choosing and putting
up a bird nesting box

Not all nest boxes are the same!  which one should you choose and where should you site it?

Download our full guide to find out more:

Be a Hero for Ruby Robin and all her friends this National Robin Day and do your bit to help birds and other wildlife through the harsh winter months.

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Make your own
bird nesting box

Try your hand at a bit of simple and easy woodwork

Your birds will love you for this!

Get the full instructions:

Make your own
bird bath

Making a birdbath is easier than you think!

Download our 4-step guide:

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Make your own

Get Alison's step by step guide to making these fabulous seedcakes that birds love!

Help to keep Ruby and her friends in tip-top condition to they have the best possible start to the breeding season!  

National Robin Day is on the 21st December - let's all think about what we can do to make the winter months easier for Ruby and her friends. There are many small things we can all do to make a really big difference!
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#NationalRobinDay is a campaign to raise awareness of the challenges our birds and wildlife face each winter, and how we can all help: it doesn't matter how big or small your outdoor space is, we ALL have the power to help our birds and wildlife through the harsh winter months.

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