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Songbirds not food


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Create change at home by pledging that you will adopt at least one of our solutions with your own pet cats and support our UK songbirds. 

  • Play with your cat for 5-10 minutes each day to ‘sate’ its hunting desire 
  • Feed it a diet high in meat protein 
  • Fit its collar with a scientifically proven BirdsBeSafe collar cuff or similar bird safe collar to deter birds   
  • Keep cats in for at least some of the day or in a catio to protect wildlife  

By pledging to support that Songbirds are Friends Not Food, you’ll join a whole community of bird lovers, striving for change here in the UK.  ​

Just fill out the form below to help songbirds and you can show your support on social media by using our #FriendsNotFood and receive your exclusive social media profile picture frame!

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