(Turdus pilaris)


Alert Status: Red
Identifying Features: Large, colourful thrushes, similar to a mistle thrush in general size, shape and behaviour. They stand very upright.
Average Length: 25 cm
Average Lifespan: 2 years
Average Wingspan: 39-42 cm
Beak type: Insects

Natural: Worms, snails, insects and fruit
How to feed: Unlikely to feed from bird feeders/bird tables
What to feed:  In the winter they will feed on windfall fruit for long periods and are often accompanied by Redwings.
Nesting: The nest is cup-shaped and made from grass, moss and twigs, and lined with mud. There are very few Fieldfares breeding in Britain.


Where to see: Along hedges and in fields, particularly hawthorn hedges with berries. Grass fields, playing fields and arable fields with nearby trees and hedges are a favourite place. In severe winters they may come into gardens. 

Fieldfare call by Dominic Garcia-Hall, X
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