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On 21st December, Ruby Robin, the hero of National Robin Day, brings people together, inspiring everyone to take action for wildlife, and showing how simple steps can help our wildlife through this difficult time of year.

Ruby Robin represents all our struggling garden birds in the UK who need our help. The cold winter months are especially tough; as temperatures drop and food becomes scarce our wildlife desperately needs a helping hand.


You can help!

Be a hero for Ruby by donating today

Together, we can make the winter months easier for Ruby and her friends

Donors and fundraisers can earn their very own Ruby Robin collector's badge - Get yours today!

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Whether building a bird feeder, making a wildlife-friendly space in your garden, holding a fundraising event; or donating to our #NationalRobinDay appeal to help the future of all UK songbirds - no matter how small, every action goes a long way to helping Ruby Robin and all her friends.

Everyone can get involved, it’s really easy for your workplace, school or group of friends to take part, we have some great ideas to get you started!


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Ways of giving

Setting up a fundraiser or hosting an event couldn't be easier and

we have set up some fab ways you can easily take payments online.

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Set up a JustGiving fundraiser

This is a well-known and trusted way to raise funds for charities.  It is really easy to set up and you can share your fundraiser as well as progress updates and more on any social media platform.

Set up a Fundraiser on Facebook

This is a secure way for your friends and family to pay donations and the funds will be sent directly to SongBird Survival!  You can share progress and updates with followers and you and they can share your fundraiser on their personal walls to reach even more people!  If you are running something like a cake sale, you could use the fundraiser to take orders and receive funds for them!

Donate at PayPal

Ask your sponsors to click or scan:

They can choose how much they want to donate or even set up a regular donation!

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Pay directly to us

Use our own secure donation page to pay in sponsorship money or for your sponsors to make donations directly

Download our full National Robin Day Fundraising pack

Download your printable National Robin Day Sponsorship Form

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Our Top Tips to running a successful fundraising event for National Robin Day

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How to run a Ruby Robin Hunt fundraising event

How to run a sponsored Fun Run or Walk

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How to hold a cake sale and bake for Ruby

Why fundraise for
SongBird Survival this
National Robin Day?

“Over the years I have noticed less and less songbirds, especially the sounds of our cherished 'dawn chorus' and so for my birthday this year, I'm asking for donations to SongBird Survival. I've chosen this non-profit because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you'll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal.”  Sally, Facebook birthday fundraiser, November 2021

“I'm Ella I’m 5 and all birds especially songbirds are important to me because they make beautiful songs to listen to and have different colours and I would love everybody to help save them. I am going to try this September to join the SongBird Survival and raise some extra pennies and help them carry on with their research to see why songbirds are on the decline and what we can do to stop this.”  Ella, Facebook Fundraiser, September 2021

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“I've been into nature since I was very young, my gramps is a very keen twitcher and it is something I picked up from him. I had an amazing pair of second hand swift binoculars one Christmas in my early twenties and they are one of the best things I've ever had. Being outdoors and appreciating the creatures we share our planet with not only helps my mental health, it makes me want to do as much as I can to protect them.” Leanne, Facebook Fundraiser, August 2021

“I've chosen this charity because their mission means a lot to me, and meant a lot to my Sister, Victoria, who recently died and who I miss so much.

I hope that instead of sending cards or presents for my birthday this year, you'll consider contributing any amount large or small and help me remember Victoria and raise money for British songbirds who are experiencing a catastrophic decline. Victoria particularly loved Nightingales - tiny birds with the most beautiful song whose numbers are threatened due to loss of habitat plus the challenges of their vast migration (from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe) brings each year, not to mention the climate crisis which is causing evolutionary changes (shorter wings) meaning birds are not returning to the breeding sites that do still remain. Help us help these little songbirds” Claire, Fundraising in memory of a loved one, April 2020

Ruby would love to hear your fundraising story!
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#NationalRobinDay is a campaign to raise awareness of the challenges our birds and wildlife face each winter, and how we can all help: it doesn't matter how big or small your outdoor space is, we ALL have the power to help our birds and wildlife through the harsh winter months.

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